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Ukraine’s football restarts with flags, a message from Zelenskiy but no crowd

Early on Tuesday morning, Igor Jovicevic had been jolted from sleep by the air-raid alarm. He was far from alone in that and it brought home, in a way that

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Work interruptions have a greater impact on older people

In everyday working life, people are often interrupted in their tasks. After the phone has rung, for example, it is difficult to concentrate on the original task again. The selection

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U.S. agency: ‘unlawful’ for Tesla to prevent employees from wearing union shirts

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) said on Monday it was unlawful for Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) to prohibit employees from wearing shirts bearing union insignia, ruling in a 2017 dispute

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The Settlers of Catan will become a holographic AR board game in early 2023

Catan, one of the most critically acclaimed board games ever made and one that averages over a million copies sold per year, is about to leap off the tabletop thanks

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Trauma-informed photography course gives abuse survivors a new perspective, boosting self-esteem

Child sexual abuse survivors say a photography course is teaching them to see beauty in the world and help them gain a sense of confidence — all with their smartphones.

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